Registration Video Transcript

Welcome to Promoting Healthy Choices and Community Changes! My name is Maria Castillo, and I'm a promotora de salud. I will be going through this program with you.

The page you are on right now is the Registration Page.

Did you know that we offer this program and the Registration Form in Spanish and English? Take a look at the button that says to, "View this site in Spanish, CLICK HERE". If you prefer to view the site in Spanish, click that button.

On the registration page, you will make a username and a password. This way, the website will know you when you have completed a unit so you can get your Certificate of Completion! And, the website will save your place. You may leave the website whenever you want. When you come back, just log in with your username and password. The website will take you right to where you left off. It's important that you remember your username and password!

On the registration page, you will also answer a few questions. We do not share your answers with anyone else. We simply want to know a little bit about who is taking the program. This helps us make the program better in the future.

Once you have answered all the questions, you may click "Submit."

You may see a page like this. This means you need to answer one of the questions again.

If you see a page like this, then you are ready to start the program! Just click on the link and you will see this page! If you are taking the program alone, you may click on "I am taking this by myself." If you are taking this program with a group of people using one computer, click "I am taking this with a group." Then, choose which language you would like to take the program in. Click "Submit," and you will enter the program.

Then, you will see the home page of the program. Yes, that's me! Like I said earlier, I will be with you during the whole program. I'm looking forward to learning about healthy choices and community changes with you! Just answer these registration questions, and we'll get started!