Small Group Learning

Improving Cultural Competency for Behavioral Health Professionals is also available as a small group learning activity!

When you complete the entire e-learning program, you are eligible to become a Small Group Learning Facilitator.

Facilitators present the Course material in a small group learning format using:

  • Specially-designed facilitation materials, including slides, talking points, activities, and handouts.
  • A separate website to create your class and sign up your participants. This way, your participants can earn Contact hours for completing a Course with you.

The Small Group Learning option is a great way to share this program's content with your colleagues in person. It allows you to:

  • Discuss the concepts presented.
  • Share ideas and questions with each other.
  • Complete learning activities together.

To learn more or get started, please visit the Small Group Facilitator website after you've completed this e-learning program. You will log in to this Facilitator website using the same username and password you created for the e-learning program.

*Looking instead to participate in a Small Group Session? Visit the Small Group website here after your Facilitator has added you as a Participant to their Small Group Session.