• Requires mandatory cultural competency training

Mandatory Cultural Competency Training Legislation Timeline

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June 30, 2019
HB 3356 Died in Committee
House Bill No. 3356 would have required lactation consultants to complete continuing education in cultural competency within one year of the date of initial licensure and complete additional continuing education in cultural competency once every five years thereafter.
June 10, 2019
HB 2011 Passed
House Bill No. 2011 requires any person authorized to practice a health profession regulated by any Oregon State Health Profession Board to complete continuing education in cultural competency as a condition every other time that a person’s authorization is subject to renewal. Each public university and each community college may require persons authorized to practice a profession regulated by a board, who provide services to students at health care facilities located on a campus of the public university or community college to provide proof of completion at least once every two years in continuing education in cultural competency.

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