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Video Units

Watch case study videos about a culturally and linguistically appropriate clinical encounter to learn more about applying the National CLAS Standards in daily work. Videos are specifically geared toward pediatrics, surgery, and obstetrics and gynecology.

  • Working with an interpreter

    Working with an interpreter

    Elena Sanchez, a Spanish-speaking Latina woman, brings her daughter, Rosa, to see her pediatrician for her annual physical. The pediatrician speaks with Elena, through an interpreter, about his concern that Rosa is overweight for her age and the implications of this extra weight on Rosa’s health. Through an interpreter, a nurse shares with Elena information about a nutrition and physical fitness program available to Elena and Rosa to help them incorporate healthy eating and exercise habits into Rosa’s lifestyle.

    • Duration: 9:28
  • Cultural and religious beliefs

    Cultural and religious beliefs

    Nadira Ansari, a middle aged Muslim woman, has a post-op with Dr. Smyth, a woman, to make sure her head is correctly healing from the surgery. Dr. Smyth has been unexpectedly called out of the office and Nadira is now forced to visit with Dr. Calley, a man. Her cultural and religious beliefs prohibit her from removing her hijab in front of any man who is not her husband. Dr. Calley is culturally insensitive to this situation and becomes very frustrated.

    • Duration: 1:56
  • Using language access services

    Using language access services

    Mrs. Kim and her daughter are fluent in Korean and have limited English speaking skills. Her 12 year old daughter Meghan has an appointment scheduled with Dr. Coleman where she will find out she needs surgery. Due to the limited English proficiency, Dr. Coleman is worried about communicating properly with his patients. Laura, the nurse, suggests using Language Access Services to ensure proper communication.

    • Duration: 2:39
  • Culturally tailored healthcare in orthopedics

    Culturally tailored healthcare in orthopedics

    Carlos, a middle aged Latino construction worker, has increased pain in his knee post-op compared to most men his age. Dr. Walker disregards Carlos’s complaints and considers him to be drug seeking. Dr. Elizabeth Smyth informs Dr. Walker of a study that shows Latino men actually show an increase in pain post-op compared to men of other ethnicities.

    • Duration: 2:39